Galerie Anthony Roth

du samedi 5 juin au samedi 17 juillet  2021

11, rue Chapon 75003 Paris

The concept of otherness, as that which is other, distinct, evokes what is unusual, different and the notion of the evolution of our spirit. In this sense, otherness applies both to a logic of interaction with the other and to a temporal logic when it is one’s own.

Acceptance of the otherness of others, that is to say, their difference from our reference reality, is thus imposed by experience and the choices that result from it. This acceptance seems to be guided by a necessity inherent to human nature, that of the search for the other through his dissimilarity, his contradiction.

The paradox created by this search for the other both in its divergence and as a mirror of the self thus allows us to open up not only to the diversity of the other but also to our own otherness, inherent in our choices and the relationship to our past and our future.

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